The three weeks training workshop which will be held from 1st July to  28th July 2018, Noor Genset New Facility, DIP 1 Dubai, will cover the Blueprint ( Business Process Requirement study & proposed ERP solution )  Validation Process base on the process of all Divisions / Department and to help the Power Team to familiarize about the New System called INFOR LN ERP and implementation issues relevant to the practice of innovation policy.

Training workshop is designed with the aim to:

  • Execute full cycle of each process as per our agreed business process requirement.
  • Process owner & key users will ensure & validate all the steps has been designed as per our requirement in blueprint.
  • Ensure all the points raised in MOSCOW list by each department has been addressed during the demonstration
  • Hand on training & simulation of each process end to end with different business scenarios by Key user /Process owner.
  • Any new issue raised during CRP2 & Training, need to register in CRP2 Issue list.


With this software modules allows our staffs to exploit the system’s powerful resource planning capabilities and adopt industry-best-practices mainly focusing on Manufacturing and Financial traceability.